One sure way to build an audience
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One sure way to build an audience

September 19, 2018

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

As more professionals start to tap into the power and reach of social media a common question is “how do I get more people following me?



There are a lot of ways to create an audience of course, but there is one method which doesn’t get spoken of very often because it sounds so creepy.




There is definitely bad stalking out there in the world, and I am definitely not suggesting that.  But there is also good stalking too….in the business sense.  In the old days one might have even called it “target marketing” in a way.  Stalking in the sense I mean is simply about being the person who shows interest in another person first…before social media we might even have called that “making friends”.


In this quick video I discuss stalking – which is a very provocative word I know – as a tactic for building an audience in social media…but really we are just talking about working out who you want to known and then being the first to move in making new friends.  And THAT is ok.


watch the video to learn more…


[wpvideo AGLPewjq]


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