Business Adviser Coach

As a business adviser coach, I work with professional advisers to help them develop the business they want to have.

All high achievers in any discipline have a coach or a mentor that helps them crystallize the vision, work out an effective strategy, and provide objective advice that helps them achieve excellence more quickly.

A great business adviser coach has the technical knowledge and competencies to be able to understand quickly where effort is best applied to achieve extraordinary results.  They also have the skill and acumen to understand what your values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses are – and how to work with them to achieve the optimal result.

That is what I do.

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The typical outcomes we achieve together are:

  • clarifying value propositions and business strategy
  • how to generate more clients, with higher value
  • creating engaging marketing strategies and systems
  • improving lead conversion rates
  • creating efficient client service and business systems
  • turning best practice into better business
  • building the business culture and brand you want
Business Adviser Coach

As your business adviser coach, I will typically focus on:

1. Business Development

Even in an increasingly consumer-focussed professional service business, the adviser must master the art of selling professional services and guiding clients along a path of behavioural change. The practice as a whole must develope a compelling marketing position and message that appeals to ideal clients and then get that message to them. These are the fundamentals of business success in professional services.

2. Creating Client Loyalty

Nothing is harder than getting new customers.  And what used to the tough part of the business is getting harder.  Developing sound strategies to engage prospects and turn them into loyal, long term, and profitable clients has a huge impact on the bottom line of an advice business.  To be blunt; a practice will die if it can’t achieve this.

3. Leadership & Culture

Leadership is a term that is often used, not usually really thought about, and rarely used to describe advice professionals.  But building capabilities within your team and developing the culture you want does not happen by accident; it is the result of deliberate decisions and guidance to grow people, processes & systems to build a practice which is well beyond a lifestyle job for the adviser.

4. Practice Management

Compliance matters, and so does running an efficient and effective business. Today’s professionals have to balance that with also being commercial in their approach, so practical professionalism is the objective of a great advice business. Practical professionalism is finding the blend of systems and actions that meet or exceed professional standards, but which are also profitable.  Theory and principled standards can work in the real world with real clients, if we adapt.

Keith Kerr, Registered Financial Adviser. NZ
January 25, 2016

Having worked with many people in the Financial Services Industry over 25 years, not many have left a positive Legacy in not only my Business but for me on a personal basis. Tony has shared & helped to Implement ideas & concepts that are not only fresh, but also creative & very fit for purpose. His tools & teaching methodology are one of the reasons he is highly regarded as one of the best in his field in New Zealand & Australia & Tony is someone I will continue to consult with over the years to come.

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