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We are off on our annual break now so the blog will be taking a break too until 20 August...when
by Tony Vidler        Financial advisers really need to invest more into their practices. Now.  More money, more thinking, more
by Tony Vidler        I encourage you to try this: fire a client. It is liberating, and it moves your thinking
by Tony Vidler        Client complaints are a fact of life.  It is virtually impossible to run a service business where
by Tony Vidler        Whether we like it or not there is always the possibility of fee resistance in delivering financial
by Tony Vidler        The nagging worry for financial advisers in today's environment is "how can I be sure that my
by Tony Vidler        An ongoing challenge for advice firms is balancing client time with all the practice development work necessary
by Tony Vidler         Any time an insurance product is replaced by an adviser with an alternative one someone complains about