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by Tony Vidler        Speed kills...except in sales....there IS a need for speed with lead conversion.  By calling a lead
by Tony Vidler        Nearly every advisory firm says "we need more prospects".  sure, more prospects helps build a business
by Tony Vidler        There comes a time for all of us when we find ourselves dealing with a client
by Tony Vidler        In good times growing a practice is difficult enough and one of the methods has become
by Tony Vidler        The constant puzzle for many looking to be more effective in engaging their clients is finding relevant
by Tony Vidler        The standout burning issue for most professional services firms remains attracting and developing new business, and
by Tony Vidler        "All customers are good advice clients"...or are they? Robo-advisers, direct marketing, 24/7 online transaction facilities, product
by Tony Vidler        Sometimes contracts just don't provide clarity for the people who work for you. And being clear