Business Development Training

Business Development Training is what turns Apprentices into Masters

Workshops, Conference breakout sessions, Master classes, Webinars, or fully bespoke business development training courses: It’s a rare week that I am not delivering group training of some sort somewhere…

I think of “business development training” as group coaching, or sometimes it is just straightforward teaching to begin with. Picking the right approach begins with understanding the objectives of the client and the needs of the group, and then designing the right blend of “catching the fish for them” or “teaching them how to catch the fish” themselves.  That is, we need to blend the transfer of knowledge and skills with some immediate help on how to implement new learning, and the correct balance is different for every group.

Every business development training programme created is therefore based upon the needs of the client, or their group of professionals, so every training programme becomes different for every group and is pitched to their level and needs.

Business Development Training Courses

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Recent business development training courses and events included:

  • Practical Referral Generation Tips & Techniques
  • The “Cutting Edge” Lead Generation Webinar Series (available on Vimeo channel)
  • Developing Centre’s Of Influence
  • Lead Generation Today
  • Identifying your marketing style & methods
  • Getting Ideal Clients To Choose You
  • Using LinkedIN to get new business
  • Social Media Marketing for professionals
  • Brand YOU: creating a value proposition
  • Engagement Marketing: Converting EVERY prospect into a client
  • Principles of Influencing Prospects
  • Getting Leverage Into Your Practice
  • Providing Defensible Advice
  • 3 Keys to growth: Capacity, Capability & Opportunity
  • Advanced LinkedIn Positioning and Prospecting
  • Win Minds…and the wallet follows
  • Get Leads at the speed you need
  • High Performance Course (note: this is an intensive 8 module programme run over 4 months)
Rupert Gough. Financial Adviser. NZ
January 26, 2016

The content that Tony provides and the method with which he delivers it is of an outstanding quality. Tony also provides a huge amount of additional information with his courses which are immensely valuable to those seeking to learn more.

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