3 simple steps to "automate" your Linkedin Thank You message
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3 simple steps to "automate" your Linkedin Thank You message

October 29, 2014

by Tony Vidler

Whenever you have a recurring problem you need a process.

Processes, systems, automation…these are the solutions to minimising waste, and recurring issues requiring manual workarounds.

Without doubt the Number 1 question I get asked each week is “how did you do that thank you message?” from new Linkedin connections.  So I decided to “automate” my answer by producing a quick tips video about it – which should save me hours of typing each year!

You cannot actually automate the message function on Linkedin as such – which sucks really.  Linkedin is a fabulous business networking tool, but there are some distinct limitations in the engagement functionality.  But it is always possible to innovate and get creative when you are faced with a recurring problem, so here was my solution.  It is just 3 simple steps which take perhaps 20 seconds as I explain in the video.

…watch the video to learn how to do it… 

You can download the three slide powerpoint on how to do it here

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Comments (3)

  • That’s a good idea and it works Tony (obviously). It’s especially useful if you do not have access to your own macbook or pc.

    May I offer you and your readers and even simpler solution? I use Typinator (for macs). I’ve also used shortkeys.com on pcs.

    In effect they each allow you to save paragraphs of text to a permanent clipboard that you can access from any programmes any time you are at your keyboard. And yes, I use typinator to enable me to send loads of different, but standard, messages (or tailored versions thereof) on Linkedin.

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