How to go about creating the RIGHT Strategic Alliance
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How to go about creating the RIGHT Strategic Alliance

December 2, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo


A good strategic alliance or two can be the thing that makes success for a professional services firm.  It can be a complete game changer.


In fact it is so important to get right that the key to finding and forging the right strategic alliance is thinking strategically to begin with.  All too often alliances are attempted without strategic thought – they are merely reactive acts of opportunity.


There are about a dozen questions you should ask yourself, in sequence as there is a logical decision making path, in order to identify the “right fit”.


Just one good strategic alliance can be the making of a firm, so it makes sense to think it through and work out precisely who the right fit is.  In this video we explore the key questions that will help you work out what goes into finding the right strategic partner for your practice…


…watch the video to learn more about each of these key points…

[wpvideo cHvnDlwD]


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