Being A Thought Leader Does Not Mean Being “First”
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Being A Thought Leader Does Not Mean Being "First"

December 16, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo


Creating a position as a thought leader is superb marketing for professionals, and all too often they confuse “being a thought leader” with simply “being first”.


The rush to be “first” to express an opinion or provide insight often produces disappointing results for the audience and the would-be-thought-leader.  The urgency undermines the position of expertise for 2 reasons;

  1. You are potentially just more noise at a time when a lot of noise is being made about the same subject, and your message gets lost; and/or;
  2. Insufficient thought has actually gone into expressing your opinion intially


Genuine thought leadership, and establishment of a position of expertise, requires that you provide insight or solutions or invaluable analysis.  It doesn’t generally result from rushing to add more content of a similar ilk to what is being pumped out into the world by everyone else.


So when it comes to establishing a position as a thought leader I would suggest that “second is best place”….more reflection….more insight….more meaningful content or discussion….these things add up to establishing a position as a thinker and an expert, as we discuss in this weeks quick video…


Watch the video to learn more…


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