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8 Reasons Advisers Should Be Blogging
by Tony Vidler        Blogging is one of the best business development tools for professionals wanting to establish expertise and authority publicly.   The statistics tell us that it matters to the people who we want as customers, even if you personally don’t feel there is much merit in blogging.  For instance:   Companies in […]
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content marketing for financial advisors
Sharing your content: how much leg should a lady show?
by Tony Vidler        When it comes to content sharing, how much is too much?  Or not enough?   An ongoing challenge for all of us in the information age who are looking to stand out professionally is how to get the balance right in our content marketing.  Or as I like to think of […]
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why financial planning clients leave the financial adviser
Twisted Clients…why they say goodbye!
by Tony Vidler Customers leave us, and most times we blame someone else.  It gets called Churn, or Twisting. Probably the most contentious issue in the financial services industry is the issue of clients moving advisers, or moving to different product suppliers.  Advisers and suppliers alike disparagingly refer to competitors as “twisters” and “churners”, with […]
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Is an ideal prospect worth $2.50 per year to you?
by Tony Vidler An incredibly powerful prospecting tool is the humble newsletter. You can build,and maintain, top of mind brand awareness.  You can establish or reinforce expert positioning.  Your reach can be extraordinary – particularly so with an e-zine or email-based newsletter. In the digital age it can – if done well – become almost […]
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What is the point of an expensive CRM system?
by Tony Vidler An adviser who plans on being in the business for another couple of decades asked what the point is in paying for a fancy CRM  database.  Honest.  He did ask that.  He has a list of clients in Outlook and has the clients home addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes email addresses – […]
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How to engage prospective clients
by Tony Vidler A curious thing has happened in recent years with professional advisers: in all the busy-ness and professional focus many are neglecting a simple (but vital!) thing: They are forgetting to create a conversation that engages people. As advisers we know so much…often very important stuff…and sometimes brilliantly clever stuff…but it just isn’t […]
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The Professional Branding Challenge: how to look different while blending in
by Tony Vidler When it comes to creating a personal brand as a professional, the real challenge is how to look different – while blending in. You cannot afford to look any less professional than your peers or competitors.  To a certain degree there is a market expectation that you WILL look the same…behave the […]
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How to ghet paid every step of the way
Eat, Pray, Love! (How to get paid every step of the way)
by Tony Vidler Here’s a simple strategy for getting paid fairly for the work you do as a professional….every step of the way. When you think about it there are broadly three possible parts to any client project: 1.  Planning 2.  Implementing recommendations 3.  Monitoring & Servicing You could paraphrase these three steps as “Eat; […]
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Will you marry me?
 by Tony Vidler. I have no idea what the actual statistics would be, but I am willing to wager that the success rate of popping the question “will you marry me?” onto a prospective partner who you have not yet dated is probably pretty low.   If you’ve dated for a bit, the odds get a […]
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3 ways to get the low-hanging fruit
 by Tony Vidler. Everyone wants business to be as easy as possible, yet we so often make it harder than it has to be. What’s wrong with living on some low hanging fruit if there is more of it than you can eat? Nothing is wrong with it – it’s smart business.  It’s not always […]
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