Don’t overlook your low-hanging fruit
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Don't overlook your low-hanging fruit

July 29, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

Have you ever thought about where the easiest wins are in getting new business?

Or if you prefer; where the low-hanging fruit is?


There will be latent opportunities inside most professionals businesses, and usually those opportunities are taken on an ad hoc, or reactive, basis rather than being pre-planned.


There is a range of opportunities of course, some much harder than others – but one of the key principles in successfully building any “system” of generating new opportunities is to go where you are most likely to get the best return for the least effort.  Grab the fruit which is easiest to reach and ready to eat now.  It is a simple concept, yet often overlooked.


In this quick video we talk about where the easiest wins are for most advisers, and where there are other opportunities that are perhaps a bit harder but still probably worthwhile.


…watch the video to learn more… 


[wpvideo ntJEj4Dv]

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