How to work with multiple COI’s from the same sector
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How to work with multiple COI's from the same sector

October 23, 2019

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

You have a couple of professionals from different firms in the same sector who you want to have as Centre’s-Of-Influence (COI’s), and most advisers think that is an impossibility.  It is absolutely possible though…and I’d go so far as to suggest that it is probably a very good thing and everyone will be happy with it if it is done properly.


The question which gets thrown up straight away is: “How do I refer potential clients to one and not the other and still keep them both as COI’s for MY business?


Well, the answer is “we don’t”.

It is not one OR the other….refer clients to both of them.


This is better for the COI’s usually….and the worry is that you don’t generate enough potential opportunities for both. But are they after the same opportunities?  Even though they operate in the same sector (e.g. accountancy or law) they are not necessarily after the same clients.


There is the key to managing multiple COI’s in the same sector: find out what sort of business works for each of them and what clients they are after and only deliver the right sort of opportunities to them.


In this weeks Quick Tips we talk about how to figure out what sort of business works best for the COI’s, so you can build and maintain highly valuable relationships with a number of them in the same profession.


…watch the video to learn more… 

[wpvideo dzvtf0qr]


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