Get Writing To Leverage Your Brand
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Get Writing To Leverage Your Brand

August 15, 2018

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

imagesThe problem with most prospecting and lead generation activities for most firms is that they are aimed at capturing one prospective client at a time. There is no leverage in these efforts.


Writing introduces leverage, whereby the same effort results in multiplication of impact. It is simple maths – if the writing is right!


Many professionals think that writing is too time consuming to do – and it certainly can be.  However it is not as time consuming as perpetually hunting one client at a time for business survival, so it should be considered as a worthy use of time.


There are a number of areas where writing can introduce leverage into your business from simply tweeting or posting updates to social media sites through to producing a published book.  In between these extremes are a range of other areas and ideas where differing degrees of effort can produce enormous brand and marketing leverage for the modern professional.


One-at-a-time lead generation have a tendency to be just as time consuming in reality, but are relatively more expensive, and relatively more inefficient processes.  While they work, they are usually just not AS efficient as marketing to volumes of prospective clients simultaneously.


In this quick video we discuss some of the methods of writing to introduce leverage, and talk about one of the best examples that I have seen used for creating personal positioning and market awareness through writing.


[wpvideo iicl5tUW]


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