Using Gamification To Engage With Prospects
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Using Gamification To Engage With Prospects

November 13, 2019

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

Behavioural finance meets gaming meets technology and that means “marketing opportunity”.

One of the newer marketing concepts arising from these trends converging is “gamification”, and while it is being used in all sorts of industries to engage consumers with new products and services it doesn’t appear to have really attained great traction in professional services as yet.


Perhaps because professional services is a “serious business” it doesn’t lend itself to the concept of gamification?

But then, if good marketing is that which helps you stand out from the crowd and have prospects engage with you voluntarily, then perhaps gamification DOES lend itself to professional services…


Considering so much of what we do is serious and dull to consumers that would suggest that introducing gaming elements to help explain complex ideas or laborious scenarios would be helpful….it has to be good if we can “make hard stuff fun” doesn’t it?


In this weeks Quick Tips video we have a look at one simple idea for using the concept of gaming, or gamification, to engage with prospects and clients that is based on a very old fashioned game…


…watch the video to learn more… 


[wpvideo 0HhSYkIl]


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