How to challenge clients thinking without being confrontational
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How to challenge clients thinking without being confrontational

November 30, 2022

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

Brainstorming for fact finding financial advice

Perhaps the toughest task any adviser faces is to challenge clients’ own thinking, but without getting into a confrontation that threatens the entire relationship.  Most of us find ourselves occasionally dealing with a client who already thinks they know the answers – they haven’t come to us for advice, they have come to us for validation of their own pre-conceived idea or to give an instruction.  But man…do they need correcting…


Oftentimes we know that those instructions or pre-conceptions will result in poor outcomes or perhaps require a strategy which involves more risk than is necessary.


It is a challenge to get such a client to think beyond the decision they have already made….but using a very simple brain-storming technique instead of triggering a debate, or reversion to the stock standard fact-finding tools, will often open the thinking up to other possibilities.


So instead of trying to convince a client that they are wrong, or at least haven’t thought it all the way through, try a mini-brainstorming session instead.


In this quick video I explain an easy technique that you can use anywhere – even on a napkin or serviette – to get clients to become open to some different thinking, and move in a new direction.  It is a way of challenging pre-conceived ideas without being confrontational…


Watch the video to learn more…


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