The Power of Visual Aids
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The Power of Visual Aids

May 29, 2013

by Tony Vidler

As advisers, we talk a lot.

And the language of our profession has its own vocabulary that not everybody else understands.  And we have to provide a lot of stuff in writing in order to be compliant.  That doesn’t always help consumers understanding.

In addition to that, not everybody out there learns the same way. Different people comprehend and absorb new information in different ways.

For that reason alone you should be thinking about how to use visual aids, or graphics, to demonstrate complex topics in order to help consumers understand what it is you do, or are proposing to do.

In this quick video I explain how to use a simple visual to convey the complexity of balancing a clients insurance or risk planning requirements with their wealth accumulation and ongoing portfolio management objectives – and where a good adviser adds value.

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