If you have no better way to market yourself, there is this…
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If you have no better way to market yourself, there is this...

May 5, 2023

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

When all else fails and you are at a loss to market yourself effectively the easiest marketing path is to sell “convenience”.

One thing you can count on is that there will be a significant proportion of the market place that values convenience above all else.  We all know, because we all do it in some aspect of our lives.  Most would agree that shopping in specialty stores is more interesting and generally there is better wuality merchanidse than supermarkets; yet; most of do our food & household shopping in supermarkets.  It is simply more convenient to go to the supermarket than an array of specialty shops.  In fact, we generally won’t drive past 3 supermarkets to get to another supermarket.  We will pay a little more if we don’t have to travel as far to get something…we’ll pay for conenience.  That’s why online shopping has taken off; it is just more convenient to do the shopping from the comfort of our phones or laptops on the couch….convenience sells.

It sells in profesisonal services too.  The typical consumer will work through a simple list of filters when comparing several similar products or services if none of them have a stand out value advantage and that is often the case in financial services.  So consumers first try to assess on price.  They then go to convenience as their next filter for who to use.

It is one of the two top customer choices in trying to work out what to buy or who to use when it comes to financial services especially.

In the absence of a strong value proposition then, perhaps you can just work out how to become more convenient.  Or alk more about how convenient you are.  Using freepost envelopes, toll-free phone numbers, customer parking, product or service combinations that save repeated effort…your locality…whether or not yoiur service is mobile and will go to them…these are all typical convenience factors that are used all the time in professional services but not always known to consumers who have no experience using financial services.  So educate them on your convenience factors.  Market it.

Convenience extends beyond just the physical factors too.  In this confusing information filled world being the trusted voice that is in regular communication and delivering useful tips and tools is a layer of convenience.  Structuring client meetings to take less time, or having breakfast or evening appointments outside of conventional working hours and delivering online via mobile, which can also incorporate having some transactional services for simple solutions, right?  They are all convenient for folks out there.  In the UK consumers have been able to purchase pensions, or transfer pensions, over the phone while waiting at the bus stop for years….and they do it because it is convenient.

When you can’t think of a better way to market your professional services work out how you are more convenient than competitors, and who you are more convenient for.  Combine this with an emphasis upon featuring well in local search and you will probably be marketing yourself well enough to be happy with the results.

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