An easy way to get noticed in a busy world by Prospects
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An easy way to get noticed in a busy world by Prospects

May 3, 2023

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

You often have to do something different to cut through the market noise and get noticed by prospects.

In the digital age it can be remarkably effective to go low-tech, and re-visit some of the old ways.  There is little doubt that very few people invest the time in creating and delivering handwritten notes and envelopes these days, and they increasingly stand out when they do turn up.  Getting noticed – and perhaps creating intrigue – is the one of the critical steps to effective marketing.

Handwritten notes or envelopes get attention quickly these days, and also often get priority treatment as a result. The send a host of good positive subliminal messages to people that can enhance your standing and image.  But most importantly, they are effective marketing because they stand out in the ever expanding digital world we live in.  They are different.  And that gets noticed in the sea of sameness out there.

In this quick video we explore the power of the old-fashioned, low-tech, handwritten note….

…watch the video to learn more…

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