A surefire way to get a Prospect to choose You!
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A surefire way to get a Prospect to choose You!

January 11, 2023

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

You are ALWAYS competing to have the next prospective client choose you.  In fact, even with existing clients who are still deciding on whether to follow the next piece of advise, there is a decision being made about whether to choose to follow it…or choose “you” as it were.  We are always competing for the next piece of business.


There might not actually be another adviser in the competition, but there are all the other choices that we are competing with….do it themselves…do it differently to how you’ve proposed….do nothing…so what is the surefire way to sideline those other competitive choices and get the prospect to choose you?


“Fix a problem straight away.”


That immediately moves you into the realm of exceeding their expectations and creates a little “wow”.


In this quick video we discuss how to create that little “WOW” that makes the prospect choose you over the competition…

Watch the video to learn more…

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  • What would be an example of this for a financial planner conducting a first meeting Tony?

  • Doing a snappy future value calculation to let them know what existing investments are likely to be worth at retirement! Anyone with a financial calculatir can do that inside 2 minutes, yet it is a burning wuestion for most clients. Or show them how theay can pay a mortgage off faster…,

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