What Problems Do You Solve?
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What Problems Do You Solve?

March 14, 2022

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo


In the struggle for professionals to define a value proposition asking

“What problems do we solve?”

 is probably the best place to begin.

It is a simple question for sure, but it cuts to the chase.  It helps us zero in on what it is we actually achieve for clients.  We can define actual outcomes from the advice process, rather than talk about the process itself  or the technical brilliance which goes on behind the process.  The overwhelming majority of consumers simply do not care about the process or the  technical skill which is the foundation for achieving great client outcomes.


They just want the result.  They want to know we can things such as:


We’ll help you pay the mortgage off faster and own the home sooner, and you’ll pay less money to the bank.


We’ll find you the best value insurance cover you can get, and it will work at claim time.


We’ll make sure your income provides the right balance of having a life today and living comfortably for a long time.


We’ll make sure you pay no more in tax than you absolutely have to.


We’ll make sure your assets are kept for your use and then go to people you want them to when you are done with them.


These are all just very simple examples of superb client outcomes which many professionals can achieve.    There is nothing about the process or technical skills, and there is nothing of the jargon and confusing terminology which we wrap ourselves up in.  They are the end results of good planning expressed in very simple terms.  And “simplicity” is a superb thing here: if people do not understand something their default position generally is to simply say “no” and move on. Helping them understand it is our job of course, so being able to express good client outcomes in simple and straightforward language is a pre-requisite.


You could do worse in the bid to define your value proposition by beginning with the end in mind, and saying in everyday language.  Figure out what problems you fix for clients and then express those as an outcome that the client is looking for.



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