The 1 Big Mistake Professionals Make When Trying To Position As An Expert
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The 1 Big Mistake Professionals Make When Trying To Position As An Expert

March 9, 2022

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

expertise-marketingOne of the greatest ways to attract the type of business you prefer is “Expert Positioning”, and most professionals could position as an expert if they really wanted to.  The reality is that most professionals are experts, and their knowledge should be highly valued…


But very few actually work to position themselves as genuine leading experts in a particular area.  For many of those who aspire to do so, there are a high proportion who just do not seem to carve out that position for themselves even through they are worthy of it.  Generally that is due to ineffective marketing of their expertise, rather than their technical proficiency.


One of the areas where prospective industry thought leaders come undone in their marketing is the style of the content they produce.  They are great at showcasing their knowledge and area of expertise from a technical perspective, but the delivery style doesn’t often resonate with their target market because, well, it is “too technical”.


Of course it is technical expertise which greatly determines the expert positioning to begin with, but how that expertise is presented to the market often determines who gets the best results in positioning as a thought leader whom prospects should pay attention to…and then pay…


In this weeks quick tips video we talk about the 1 mistake that most professionals make when trying to achieve this positioning, and how to go about fixing it…

Watch the video to learn more…


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