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What is YOUR Risk Tolerance as an Adviser?
by Tony Vidler        Asking financial advisers what THEIR risk tolerance is seems odd to many at first glance.  However, when contemplating what changes should be made in response to more regulatory reform this is the NEXT question which should be addressed after answering the “what do the new rules say I have to do?” question. […]
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Your brilliance doesn't matter much, but who you know does.
by Tony Vidler There’s too much emphasis now placed upon “what you know“. I know…I know…heresy!  I shall probably be crucified after a public flogging for saying it out loud…. But here’s a radical thought: most professional advisers today actually know enough.  So enough already with the emphasis upon “knowing more and more” technical stuff. […]
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Get more clients than you could imagine, with a simple system from the worlds greatest ever salesman
by Tony Vidler        According to the Guiness Book Of World Records the greatest salesman in the world was Joe Girard.   Joe sold cars…an incredible 13,001 cars sold in his career.  One at a time…working “retail” with high priced items.  And selling the same things, at the same price, as a heck of a […]
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HOW are you planning to differentiate and stand out?
by Tony Vidler I remembering reading way back in one of the academic tomes on marketing that there were 5 attributes to any commercial transaction: 1.  Price 2. Product 3. Access 4. Service 5. Experience Very few businesses can build a reputation, or successfully execute a marketing strategy which achieves dominance, in more than one […]
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Would you rather train as a sprinter, or as a decathlete?
by Tony Vidler Generalist or specialist?  This is an ongoing dilemma for many professionals – and there is a widely held belief that the specialist is harder to do. But is it really? Let’s look outside the world of professional services and into the highly competitive, no-room-for-mistakes, world of the Olympic athlete and consider what […]
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Zero growth is the first revenue target
by Tony Vidler How’s this for an uplifting thought:  Each year your first priority in terms of revenue production is to get back to where you are now. That’s right…the first target is to get to “zero growth”. No matter how good you are, and no matter how WOW your service levels are, clients will […]
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Here is how to explain, and show, your value to a client in 10 seconds
by Tony Vidler I am a massive fan of drawing little diagrams to explain technical ideas, but they are also a fabulous way of articulating the more nebulous concepts that people struggle to grasp. One of my favourites is a very simple picture that anyone can scribble on a cocktail napkin in 10 seconds, which […]
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Why Advice Businesses Flatline…
by Tony Vidler        Irregular beat….irregular cashflow…   The heart worked too hard….the heart gave out….   The business flat-lined….   I thought of this as I reviewed an excellent Slideshare presentation by Chatswood Consulting which summarised their key observations from conducting valuations for financial advice businesses earlier this week.   There’s a heck of a […]
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CRM: A Central Repository of Money
by Tony Vidler        Half a dozen advisers get together at a conference and you can almost guarantee the conversation will shift at some point to “what CRM do you use?”   It remains a tough – and potentially huge – decision for a professional service business.   A CRM system isn’t just a “Customer […]
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Which is the most preferred, and most effective, client communication tool?
by Tony Vidler The humble electronic newsletter is the winner hands down. Let’s begin by thinking about what you are trying to achieve with any client engagement method and you will probably come up with these core reasons: 1. Remind them we are there for them (maintain top of mind awareness of “us”) 2. Let […]
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