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Bak distribution of financial services
Bank on this: Product sellers are doomed
by Tony Vidler In financial services we have talked about it for some years, and there is no doubt that the banking institutions have been much better and more effective marketers of financial services than all other institutions. While reading a superb report on the State of the Kiwisaver Industry in New Zealand by Colin […]
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Consider the context!
by Tony Vidler. Watching how the market regulator manages change in a principles-based regime is revealing, and highlights the difficulty in implementing the principles. That is; the very act of raising questions and seeking submissions from industry provides useful information about the most difficult and dangerous areas for advisers. Yesterday the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) […]
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The good life or financial freedom?
 by Tony Vidler. The Financial Services Council (FSC) has just issued issued a statement summarising some recommendations they were making regarding national retirement savings, following research it had conducted in New Zealand. The link to the full report is at the end of this article. The report is extremely interesting, though missed the mark in […]
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The challenge of Kiwi DIY for Advisers
by Tony Vidler. Some telling research was done by Dr Claire Matthews of Massey University that highlighted the Kiwi DIY (Do It Yourself) mindset, and the challenges that poses for financial advisers. The research was specifically on “KiwiSaver and Retirement Savings”, and explored some of the issues and attitudes of Kiwi’s. While the research was […]
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