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Beware of…well…just beware when giving advice!
by Tony Vidler As financial advisers around the world get to grips with constant oversight and professional scrutiny, the question perpetually being asked by the advisers themselves is:   “What is “good” advice?” What advisers are really asking of course is how does their advice to clients get judged by others as whether it was good […]
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Consider the context!
by Tony Vidler. Watching how the market regulator manages change in a principles-based regime is revealing, and highlights the difficulty in implementing the principles. That is; the very act of raising questions and seeking submissions from industry provides useful information about the most difficult and dangerous areas for advisers. Yesterday the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) […]
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Financial advice less beneficial than prostitution?
 by Tony Vidler. The latest financial services regulation development in New Zealand has an interesting twist. One has an immediate sense that somehow financial advisers have just swapped places with the prostitution business. By that I do not suggest that now financial advisers are trading in sexual favours of course, or that sex-workers are offering […]
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When is the best time for honesty?
by Tony Vidler. I have found myself talking to several advisers recently about “disclosure” – not a scintillating topic, and one which I’d prefer to not talk about. There are many things far more interesting in life on which you can spend your time. The disclosure talk has arisen though because it is still apparently […]
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single professional body for financial advice
Single would be fantastic!
 by Tony Vidler. I’d best let you down gently right at the beginning – this is not a gleeful little tale of a single persons interesting life. It is about the possibility of one type of “singledom” for an industry, that can result in more people loving it. With all the change and raising of […]
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The myth of the Independent Research defence
by Tony Vidler. Financial advisers safely relying upon third party (independent) research to defend product recommendations is a myth.  Many currently believe that through the simple act of out-sourcing product research, and then relying upon the research houses rating of a product, is in itself a recommendation of suitability for clients. Product research houses themselves go […]
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