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The New Paradigm of Professional Services Marketing
by Tony Vidler There has been a significant paradigm shift in how professional services marketing and sales functions interact. A fundamental change to how we understand and use the knoweldge of the consumers emotional buying cycle has already happened. The traditional view of “marketing generating leads” and then “sales converting leads into customers” held that […]
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You got my attention…now what?
by Tony Vidler An area that many advisers struggle with is creating interesting conversations that intrigue clients enough to want to hear more.  It is all well and good getting the attention initially, but what do you do next? In the decision-making cycle most humans engage in, getting attention is simply the first step…but then […]
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3 Reasons clients give for loving electronic engagement
By Tony Vidler There are some great reasons to go digital in your advice process:  not least of which is that it gets rid of the “personal embarrassment” factor many consumers have when talking about personal finance to other people, even professionals. An adviser asked me recently about doing business with people he had never […]
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Will you marry me?
 by Tony Vidler. I have no idea what the actual statistics would be, but I am willing to wager that the success rate of popping the question “will you marry me?” onto a prospective partner who you have not yet dated is probably pretty low.   If you’ve dated for a bit, the odds get a […]
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5 Marketing "places to be"
 by Tony Vidler. Free marketing always appeals, and it is often said that “any publicity is good publicity”? That’s an exaggeration of course as not all publicity is actually good – some can cripple a business or brand. However, any publicity (or marketing) that is free AND where you can control the content has to […]
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financial advisor using social media
Don't be a social media peeping tom
by Tony Vidler. For quite a while I have been talking to financial advisers about how the marketing world has changed in recent years – and how their own marketing methods have not (generally speaking).  In short, I have been beating the drum for the advisers to consider social media and digital marketing platforms as […]
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