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The 6 P’s of Sustained Peak Performance
by Tony Vidler        How to stay on top of your game, get the results that you want in business, and maintain peak performance….it all comes down to having a system, or a process.   Consistent output does after all usually result from consistent inputs….but putting in the right amount of the right things is what […]
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Your FREE service is a barrier to getting the right business
by Tony Vidler        Most professionals at some point offer complimentary initial meetings or consultations with clients as a “free service”. It simply isn’t true, and that in itself prevents the right sort of clients coming your way. The fundamental reason why this just doesn’t cut it with consumers is because they don’t believe it.  […]
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Is it just a bad day?
by Tony Vidler How can you tell if you are just having a bad day on the job, or whether it is time to move on from the job completely? There’s no escaping the fact that even in great jobs that we love, there are days where things just don’t go the way you want.  […]
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Why Dirty Harry wouldn’t win a Gold Medal
by Tony Vidler.One of the great movie lines spoken by the character Dirty Harry was “a man’s got to know his limitations“.  A line which always seems to apply to financial advisers. But this doesn’t apply to Olympians does it?   I am captivated by the incredible achievements of humans that is demonstrated at the Olympics, […]
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Good news: Regulators DO trust some advisers
by Tony Vidler. Should Regulators trust some advisers to do the right thing? Or none of them? This is the intriguing question which will be debated behind closed doors in NZ in the immediate future I am sure, following the latest round of financial services reform in Australia. The “Future of Financial Advice” (or FoFA […]
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The challenge of Kiwi DIY for Advisers
by Tony Vidler. Some telling research was done by Dr Claire Matthews of Massey University that highlighted the Kiwi DIY (Do It Yourself) mindset, and the challenges that poses for financial advisers. The research was specifically on “KiwiSaver and Retirement Savings”, and explored some of the issues and attitudes of Kiwi’s. While the research was […]
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