Making Social Media ACTUALLY work for your Advisory Firm
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Making Social Media ACTUALLY work for your Advisory Firm

April 7, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

Once you’ve bought into its potential the small matter of making social media work and produce results for your advisory firm becomes the burning question.


Accepting its potential for marketing your business is one thing, but deciding HOW you are going to do so is quite another.  But even before you start thinking about how you are going to use social media in the marketing mix for your business you should understand how it works as a marketing medium for you. Only then can you decide on the best tactics to use for yourself.


Given the incredible proportion of financial advisers who still wrestle with the idea of using social media it is useful to look at how it can help and how to make it actually work for you, which we discuss in this weeks quick video…


watch the video to learn more…



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