It Is A Journey To Becoming An Advice Client
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It Is A Journey To Becoming An Advice Client

November 5, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

buying-journeyBecoming an advice client is not quick and easy for consumers really…every decision, every solution, every recommendation seems to be a major journey for them.


We know it is true, and we know that the process of onboarding a new client takes longer than ever and more barriers to engagement are introduced with every piece of compliance.


The advisers who will be most successful in acquiring new clients in the future will be those who understand the potential clients buying journey best.  Understanding the multiple distractions and choices which every consumer has, and the sources of information and competing forces that are thrust upon  them, is essential to helping guide them to good decisions.



They are influenced in so many ways and from so many directions today that their buying journey looks like a maze.

There are initial searches for educational or informative content…discussions with their peers and friends….further research which begins to look for detailed solutions or options…consumers interviewing potential advisers (instead of the other way around as it used to be)…comparisons of recommendations with workplace or group scheme options….and on it goes.


Decisions are often not quick or easy things for our future clients.


It is also not a quick or easy thing for an advisory practice to build the contact points and deliver the content and reference material that today’s consumers expect.  Having a strong and systematic engagement process which supports the prospective clients decision-making path requires commitment, time and money.
But it is worth it.

Research has shown that those advisory firms who do so experience lower future customer service costs, better reputation and positive mentions, have better conversion rates and get a better return on their marketing dollars.


Oh…and they make a lot more money as a business too.


One might even go so far as to say it is the difference between being an advisory practice and a sales organisation.  The one that is in tune with how potential clients wish to to choose to engage and ultimately make their decisions, and who deliver accordingly, are showcasing their advice focus from the start aren’t they?


Maybe one of the greatest things an advisory firm can do today to enhance the chances of getting prospects to become advice clients is to map out the journey those clients take…if you understand their decision-making pathways you give yourself a much better chance of being one of the signposts along that pathway…perhaps even being the path they choose to go down.

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