How to get Clients to agree to the right cover level
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How to get Clients to agree to the right cover level

March 23, 2022

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

insurance-cover-amountIt can be challenging getting clients to agree to what we know is the right cover level for their insurance needs.  Whatever numbers we come up with analytically and logically are greeted with disbelief more often than not.


Considering that most clients see most insurance most of the time as a genuine grudge purchase – they really do not want to be spending money on risk management – any recommendation can be tough.  That is even more true when advisers work through a thorough process which takes into account provisions that the clients have never thought of before, and suddenly the recommended level of cover seems extraordinary to them.


There is a great way of getting clients onboard with the recommended “right cover” level before trotting out the analysis which supports the recommendation.  In this weeks quick video we explain how to get the client engaging in the process of working out what is truly needed,and doing it in such a way that it essentially becomes their own recommendation…


Watch the video to learn more…

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