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There are 2 big questions before you go ahead and fire that client.
by Tony Vidler I encourage you to try this: fire a client. It is liberating, and it moves your thinking and sense of self worth onto a different professional plane.  Pretty much everyone who has been in professional practice for more than a year has at least one or two clients who are just a […]
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Financial Advisers Problem? Offering To Do Too Much
by Tony Vidler Despite a couple of decades of positioning, developing and improving technical knowledge and qualifications, many financial professionals are struggling to get enough clients to engage in holistic planning.   We need to take a leaf out of the accountant and lawyers playbook: Don’t try to deal with everything now; just deal with […]
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The 5 Things That Separate Modern Professionals From The Past
by Tony Vidler There is no doubt that financial advisory practices are evolving rapidly into professional practices, with many already fully there.  There is also no doubt that a number of financial advisers and practices are struggling to evolve, and are firmly rooted in transactional, product-focussed, business models. The more you compare the two – […]
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How does my advice look?
by Tony Vidler Advisers are increasingly seeking assurance that their practices are robust and will withstand scrutiny.  Whether that scrutiny is a client complaint or a regulatory audit, or even a second opinion being provided by a peer to the same client, the question lurking at the back of the mind is “How does my […]
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Commissions, Conflicted Advice…and finding common ground
by Tony Vidler has happened. Life Insurance sales commission in Australia is regulated to lower levels, albeit with a phase in period. (See: Life Insurance Commission Reform is Happening In Australia)   The arguments have at times been ferocious, and those arguments are being watched closely in other jurisdictions such as New Zealand.  Here one […]
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Bad News For Advisers: The Regulators aren't finished with you yet!
by Tony Vidler The storm is quietly building…..In the UK, the USA, Australia…and now New Zealand. On the off-chance that some financial advisers have been thinking they have finished going through all of their regulatory reform, allow me to be the bearer of bad tidings.  There is way more to come. The Regulators aren’t finished […]
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How to create a PROCESS to validate your product provider recommendations
by Tony Vidler Everyday the situation arises where one adviser recommends Company A as a solution for clients, and another adviser trying to work with the same clients suggests that Company B is better.   This always creates confusion for clients of course, but when it comes to deciding between insurance companies or products it […]
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Sales Technique Is The Key To Opening Minds
by Tony Vidler Despite the focus on our increased technical knowledge and the emphasis upon good process, financial advisers continually find themselves being called upon to “sell”. A large problem for many newer advisers is that nobody is teaching them how to sell.  And being able to sell is critical to being able to open […]
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Complaints: Where is your exposure in reality?
by Tony Vidler Whenever the topic of the “advice process”, or compliance, comes up most advisers imagine themselves as the plane: Sure it is a drag for everyone involved – including clients – when compliance requires a bunch of stuff being put into writing that nobody involved in the process actually is terribly interested in. […]
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It’s A No-Brainer: Get Better Email
by Tony Vidler Possibly THE most important marketing tool any professional has is their email.  It is the critical link between marketing and sales….the thing that connects the leads, or opportunities created by your marketing efforts, into engaged prospects and ultimately clients.   The funny thing is nearly everyone understands how important it is to […]
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