The Professional Branding Challenge: how to look different while blending in
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The Professional Branding Challenge: how to look different while blending in

February 11, 2013

by Tony Vidler

Be different...while blending in!

Be different…while blending in!

When it comes to creating a personal brand as a professional, the real challenge is how to look different – while blending in.

You cannot afford to look any less professional than your peers or competitors.  To a certain degree there is a market expectation that you WILL look the same…behave the same…have the same expertise…have the same ethics and values….and this means that to a significant extent you have to actually look just like everybody else just to be credible as a professional don’t you?

How can one stand out in the crowd then when faced with this challenge?

The average consumer in this part of the world is apparently exposed to about 3,000 advertising and marketing messages each day.  Consumers in Australia have over 30,000 professional financial advisers alone to choose from….in NZ there are some 8,000 apparently.  If we begin to think about all the other professional advisers competing for the same advice-dollar such as accountants (in NZ over 30,000 of them!), then it doesn’t take much imagination to realise that it is a a noisy and confusing market for the average consumer trying to work out which professional to use.  That’s assuming of course that the consumer has even progressed to the point of deciding a profesional adviser should be used at all…

There are three parts to creating that personal brand that will help you stand out.

  1. You must have a personal value proposition that is totally centered on a client benefit – or an outcome that potential clients want.  A strong personal value proposition that plays to your skills, and your “passion”, that results in an outcome your target market wants is what is required.
  2. That value proposition must have its own “identity”, or something that is relatively easy for your potential customers to remember and place.  An identity does not have to be a corporate brand or logo (though they may be part of the identity) – the identity can be corporate or personal in reality as long as the target market associates it with you, the individual professional.
  3. You have to adopt a position in the market.  It is a certainty that you will be lost in the noise and the crowd if you try to be all things to all people.  You have to identify the place, the position, in the market that you choose to focus upon and become well known in.

Any individual professional who is able to create that value proposition which clearly conveys a benefit that their ideal target market wants, and can position it in the target market in a manner which resonates and is memorable, will solve the professional branding challenge.

They will be seen as different – a brand in their own right – while being a credible part of their professional community.

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