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Sanity Check: A Statement Of Advice should be a “statement”
by Tony Vidler        When it comes to providing advice in writing to a client there is undoubtedly unnecessary complexity.  In fact the proverbial “Statement Of Advice” has become anything but a “statement”.  It generally takes the form of a tome…   A “tome is a scholarly work…usually large, heavy and laborious in its detail. A […]
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Meeting Client Expectations Is In The Clients Interests Too, isn’t it?
by Tony Vidler        What constitutes “Best Practice” advice process is a constant work in progress, but it does not develop as rapidly as either technology or client expectations.  In fact, there is a distinct probability that the gap between what professionals call best practice advice and what clients expectations are will continue to widen.   […]
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second opinion service from financial advisors
Marketing your Professional Opinion
By Tony Vidler One of the best marketing ideas I have come across is the “Second Opinion” service.   The concept is brilliantly simple, and firmly centred upon providing sound professional advice.   You provide a service to the colleagues of your clients that is a professional opinion on the suitability of the portfolio, products […]
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simplifying statements of advice
Choose one: Clear? or Concise? Or Effective?
by Tony Vidler When describing the ideal communication to clients we often refer to the words used by the regulators, or law, to guide us.  A consistent, idealistic, principle continues to be promoted which says client communication must be clear, concise and effective.  Nothing very new in that really – we’ve all heard that before. […]
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Simplicity REQUIRES Sophistication
by Tony Vidler One of the most popular articles I have written was a short piece on the necessity for reducing Statements of Advice in size. It seems the message to reduce the complexity – to stop producing documents for a courtroom rather than a client – hit a collective nerve. In an increasingly risky […]
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