What The Kardashian’s Can Teach Us About Reputation Marketing
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What The Kardashian's Can Teach Us About Reputation Marketing

June 16, 2021

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

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For many successful advisers their reputation is the critical marketing success factor in their careers.  And who has done reputation marketing – or “famous just for being famous” – better than the Kardashians?


Reputation in professional services often drives more recommendations or referrals that lead to new business than practitioners generate from individual client referrals.  Entire practices are often built upon this source of new client work.


Back to the Kardashians though: entire fortunes have obviously been made by some people simply for being known. They’ve effectively given birth to the “influencer business”.  They do not appear to actually have to do anything worthwhile or be particularly productive…they are just famous for being famous as far as I can tell.  BUT that is enough: they have built what appears to be wonderful lifestyles on the back of “being known of”.


In comparison, many advisers try to go about reputation marketing the hard way.  Trying to build positioning as an expert or specialist in order to establish a reputation which will give other professionals confidence to recommend them as a specialist IS a proven path to success long term, but it is just so….well….“long term”.   Being known “for” something does work.


The problem with it as a strategy is simply that it is so slow: it takes years to develop the technical expertise and continually demonstrate it to a wide enough audience that you can build your marketing around that “expert” positioning.  The investment in time and energy is significant and the pay off can take too long.


There is a faster way to build a reputation that leads to recommendations and referrals while working towards that expert positioning over time.

In this weeks video we have a good look at the process of reputation marketing, and the key steps along the way – taking a leaf out of the Kardashian playbook. Building a reputation that can begin generating recommendations can be done in months rather than years…

Watch the video to learn more…


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