How to work in tandem with other professionals
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How to work in tandem with other professionals

August 10, 2022

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

professional advisers working togetherWorking in tandem with the clients other professionals such as their accountant and lawyer is the objective of most financial professionals.  Yet, the challenge is often not the client, but the other professionals in making this a reality.


We need to be able to show the other professionals who work with our client in an easy and quick manner how the client benefits from their various advisers working together.  And what is in it for the other professionals.


In this quick video I explain how drawing a simple graph that outlines a range of strategies that need to be considered for a client it becomes very easy to see which areas of work each professional specialises in, and can help each other with.


This is particularly useful when working with accountants  and lawyers to co-manage client work, as it puts each professionals role into perspective, and presents a logical approach that clients and all others can understand.


It all begins however with the professionals understanding that their combined role is to manage the various risks and issues that may prevent the client from achieving their objectives…

Watch the video to learn more…



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