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Being There. Maybe that is what Advisers are not doing well.
by Tony Vidler I’ve just been reading through a very interesting piece of research that came out of the last census here in NZ, compiled by Statistics NZ, and it immediately highlighted some problems in our process as advisers that suggest we may be missing the mark with many consumers.   The key statistic that […]
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The Problem Is What We Say Is Not What They Hear
by Tony Vidler Whether we like it or not there is always price resistance in delivering financial advice, and how we present our service is a large part of that problem.  It doesn’t have to be…we just need to think through the differences between “what we say” and “what they hear”. I often hear planners […]
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Professional Development For Financial Advisers Requires More Than Academics
by Tony Vidler        One of the positive changes for financial advisers in this part of the world in the last year was a broadening of what can be considered Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Now, instead of solely focussing upon technical learning, we have a regime where authorised advisers have to map out their own […]
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Financial Advice: You CAN Be Compliant Without Being Dull
by Tony Vidler        The Annual Review process for financial advice clients is often seen as a rather hum-drum thing by the clients themselves, and getting them to engage in it can be a real challenge for advisers.   It doesn’t have to be of course. With a little imagination it can be positioned as […]
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The Art Of Being Present (without being a nuisance).
by Tony Vidler Promoting our personal professional brand is essentially all about creating top-of-mind-awareness.  Being the person that our target market thinks of, and then calls, when they recognise a need or desire is our goal. To achieve that we must master the art of being present, but without becoming a nuisance. It is a […]
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Give yourself a chance when marketing
by Tony Vidler There is one simple thing that advisers should do to improve the marketing of themselves and their services: Talk about the outcomes you create for clients rather than talking jargon. In engagement letters and scope of service documents, as well as in advertising brochures or online, too many advisers list their expertise […]
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Knowing Your Professional Purpose Is Your Game Changer
by Tony Vidler This is the time of the year when many advisers begin seriously thinking about how to lift their game for next year, but many are stuck in their existing paradigm of doing business they way they’ve always done it, so the thinking tends to get limited to trying to figure out ways […]
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The Ultimate Personal Brand Position: Owning A Word
by Tony Vidler The ultimate goal in building a strong personal brand is to own a word in your target markets mind.  Well, maybe it is a phrase rather than a single word.  The point is you want to be KNOWN for something, and create a position where your target market knows that when they […]
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How to balance client-facing time with practice development
by Tony Vidler A genuine challenge for advice firms right now is how to find the time to deal with clients as well as do all the work necessary to lift standards and improve business systems. The pressure is constant: the client demands are increasing and relentless, as are the expectations of other external stakeholders […]
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The Smart Play For Marketing Your Business
by Tony Vidler Target marketing is usually the difference between those firms who get the right sort of clients, and those who just get customers. Clients follow advice, because they value it. Customers engage in transactions.  They buy products.  They take a bit of advice here and there…as it suits them.  Trying to get more […]
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