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Reconnect to Re-ignite Opportunities
by Tony Vidler A simple idea which pays off every year is simply re-connecting with those who I spent time with, but did not do any business with in the last year. There are always people we are seeing who are potentially great customers, but for whatever reason the timing just isn’t right for them […]
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Are Advisers Compliance Fears Costing Them Clients?
by Tony Vidler If there is one area that continues to bug me about advice process it is the “Scope of Service” documents that are used by so many advisers.  Too often they are just rubbish. If I was a consumer I wouldn’t engage the adviser either on the basis of the menu of “services” […]
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Sweat the small stuff: it is what we CAN control!
by Tony Vidler One of the most brilliant strategies I remember ever hearing was the “Broken Windows” concept, which was used in New York as a method of creating safer public transport to begin with, but rapidly gained traction elsewhere.   The concept was a brilliantly simple one: focus resources on the easy wins initially, […]
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Why Your Practice Needs 2 Marketing Strategies
by Tony Vidler        “How much would you spend to get a new client onboard?” While the answer will vary for everyone of course, the typical answer I hear from advisers is “it depends, but maybe a couple of hundred dollars” Generally professionals recognise the potential lifetime value of a client and are prepared to invest […]
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Your Top 20% Are Really Just Like Teenagers
by Tony Vidler Pareto’s 80/20 Rule: You’ve heard it before, and even if you’ve never done any serious analysis to prove whether it is absolutely correct in your business or not, you instinctively know it to be true… But are you doing anything with this knowledge? The principle is just that; a “principle”. It is […]
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Robo-Advice has as much chance of catching on as Online Dating does
by Tony Vidler        Try as I might I just cannot remember the first time I received or sent a text. Or an email. But I do remember being a young communications specialist in the navy and looking in wonder at the technology we had at our disposal….it was awesome.  We could type messages directly […]
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An easy way to get a client to pay you for insurance advice – and be happy doing it!
by Tony Vidler There is a remarkably simple way to use the high up-front commission system on life insurance products (as it exists in this part of the world anyway) for the benefit of the client and the adviser.  And it sure doesn’t hurt the insurer.  In fact, I can’t imagine regulators having too many […]
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Could you be a Champion?
by Tony Vidler I did a little thinking this week…a bit unusual perhaps, but it happens sometimes. I got thinking about “what makes a champion?” following a discussion about one of the financial services worlds highlights, the upcoming MDRT conference.  It was put to me that this is “the conference of champions”, and I began […]
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Bad News For Advisers: The Regulators aren't finished with you yet!
by Tony Vidler The storm is quietly building…..In the UK, the USA, Australia…and now New Zealand. On the off-chance that some financial advisers have been thinking they have finished going through all of their regulatory reform, allow me to be the bearer of bad tidings.  There is way more to come. The Regulators aren’t finished […]
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Uh, Hello? The Advisory World Has Changed…For Good.
by Tony Vidler         Amazingly, many advisers appear not to have noticed that their business world has changed from 10 years ago.   Many of the business building methods we successfully employed then in financial services are struggling to generate the traffic and interest in the marketplace that we need to maintain profitable and viable […]
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