Patience Pays Off!
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Patience Pays Off!

November 29, 2013

By Tony Vidler

How patient do you have to be in today’s world to turn an enquiry into a customer?

79% of the time in businesses give it about 3 contacts with a prospective customer before they give up.  89% give up after the 4th attempt….

Yet we generally aren’t even beginning to create top of mind awareness until about the 6th or 7th contact with a prospect.  And virtually all businesses have ceased communicating with a prospect by this time.

If you have been in contact 9 times or more then there is a 90% chance that when they are ready buy…or seek advice….then they will choose you.

Clearly patience pays off!

BUT….persistently calling a prospect 10 times in 10 days is NOT what we are talking about here.  Building a process of patient engagement that allows the prospective customer get to know your business, and builds their confidence that your organisation is not just in it for the “quick sale” is critical.  People seek professional advice mostly from people that they feel they know, trust and like.  That cannot be achieved in 1 or 3 phone calls….or even 10 calls and emails in a short period of time.

A considered and well thought out engagement process with prospective customers that creates at least 12 touch-points over a period of 6-10 months is a very different experience though.  There are a number of possibilities to create such an engagement process, including;

  • phone calls
  • emails
  • newsletters
  • thank you cards or notes
  • useful information & articles
  • blogs posts
  • social media connections or sharing
  • seminars & public talks
  • introductions to other suitable professionals
  • links to “how to” videos

Many of the engagement steps you already have built into your existing customer service strategy can be used for prospective customers as way of keeping in touch of course, so it isn’t as if you have to invent a process entirely anew.

If you want to increase the ROI on any of your marketing efforts by improving the conversion ratio’s, then building an engagement – or lead nurturing – process and demonstrating some patience will definitely pay off.



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