Big Ticks: The Best Stories For Professionals This Week
Tony's BIG ticks

Big Ticks: The Best Stories For Professionals This Week

June 8, 2019
by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo 

Information, ideas, tips…the articles for professional advisers which I spotted this week that generate fresh thinking or a deeper understanding of issues are provided here as a quick readers digest for professionals who are looking ahead.


These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read, as they are the best I’ve seen.


There is so much good information for professional services made available each week, much of which I share, that it is very easy to forget to pause and reflect.


Each week I select the best handful and give them Tony’s BIG Ticks as being the ones that made me pause and reflect, or think further.   They are sometimes thought-provoking, perhaps insightful, maybe a great sales or marketing idea or sometimes just incredibly topical.

The picks for professionals have been:


By @Russell_Invest

TReaders know that the question should be “Is a GOOD Financial Adviser Worth The Cost”…and the answer would be an unequivocal “yes” – but what goes into making a good financial adviser who becomes worth the cost?  Perhaps we should start explaining that to consumers…

Re-Thinking Financial Planning For Millennials
By @FinStd

Every generation is different to the one before of course…and that is just as true for Millennials, but:  

…Ultimately, they want exactly what Generation X and Baby Boomer clients want, which is a secure financial future. They just want to go about it a different way. They might not want ongoing advice yet, but they do want help when major events occur in their lives such as getting married, having children and getting a promotion. “Millennial’s do, however, seek complete transparency...”

No Doubt Of Social Media’s Importance As A Business-Building Tool
By @globeandmail

The evidence is in (and reported upon very well in this article) on the benefits to advisers of using social media to help build their businesses…

6 Science-Backed Techniques To Help You Make Hard Decisions
By @NZ_Adviser

Advisers everywhere are having to make a lot of hard decisions about their futures, their business structures and affiliations, how they will earn a living in a world where everyone expects all information to be free…there are a lot of tough decisions to make in the next couple of years.  This article should help…

When It Pays To Hire A Coach
By @finplan

While traditional learning outlets like conferences tend to focus on one or two discreet ideas, coaching takes a more holistic approach that focuses on how financial advisors can maximize their entire businesses.  Given the scope of challenges advisors today face — from retaining current clients to attracting ideal new ones to increasing efficiencies and keeping up with regulatory changes — it makes sense that many are seeking training that takes their entire practices into account and helps all the moving parts work in concert…


Share them around please…they are too good to keep to yourself!  


P.S.  My best this week?  I think it was

How Often Should We Try To Engage With Clients?

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