Big Ticks: Best Stories For Professionals This Week
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Big Ticks: Best Stories For Professionals This Week

May 13, 2017
by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo 

Information, ideas, tips…the articles for professional advisers which I spotted this week that generate fresh thinking or a deeper understanding of issues are provided here as a quick readers digest for professionals who are looking ahead.


These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read, as they are the best I’ve seen.


There is so much good information for professional services made available each week, much of which I share, that it is very easy to forget to pause and reflect.  Each week I select the best handful and give them Tony’s BIG Ticks as being the ones that made me pause and reflect, or think further.  They are sometimes thought-provoking, perhaps insightful, maybe a great sales or marketing idea or sometimes just incredibly topical.

The picks for professionals have been:
The 5 Levels Of Fiduciary
By @ThinkAdvisor

Don Trone makes the argument that for all of the industry’s focus on the importance of “fiduciary” in the not too distant future the term will be one which is distrusted in the wider market, as “fiduciary” can be defined and positioned in 5 distinctly different ways…


The 30 Possible Ways You Can Create Customer Value
By @markwschaefer

Combining the structure and logical progression of needs identified by Maslow with the 30 different ways a brand can create value results in an excellent summary of the elements of a value pyramid, highlighting all that is valuable to a consumer, and to what degree of importance…

The “I Know Better” fallacy, and how it can detract from your client experience
By Stephen Wershing

“…one of the few risks in asking for feedback, like organizing a client advisory board, is the damage that can happen to your relationships if you get advice and fail to take it seriously or act on it….”


How your “Selfie” could affect your Life Insurance
By @thesouthern

And now we have technology which can analyse technology to determine mortality…that’s right: tech can assess your likely mortality and risk factors from assessing a picture you took of yourself…that just might have an impact in the insurance world in time to come…


10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation
By @TEDTalks

Professionals largely depend on their ability to talk to people and communicate well, and it is quite some time since I’ve come across someone explaining how to do that better – but so simply.  Celeste Headlee gives a fabulous talk, and imparts 10 great tips on how to do it better…


Share them around please…they are too good to keep to yourself!  

P.S.  My best this week?  I think it was
Why You Need PLENTY Of Positive Reviews
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