8 Reasons Advisers Should Be Blogging
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8 Reasons Advisers Should Be Blogging

November 6, 2013

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

Blogging is one of the best business development tools for professionals wanting to establish expertise and authority publicly.


The statistics tell us that it matters to the people who we want as customers, even if you personally don’t feel there is much merit in blogging.  For instance:


  • Companies in the B2C space who blog generate 88% more leads that those who don’t.
  • Companies who have published more than 50 blog posts average a 77% increase in leads generated than those with less than 50.
  • 21% of blog readers use the blog to help them decide whether to buy particular products or services
  • 17% of blog readers use the blog to help them discover products or services
  • 14% of blog readers use blog content for assurance that the products or services are essentially “as promised”


These statistics should provide some reassurance to professional advisers that putting your thoughts, opinions and expert guidance into generic written content has commercial merit.


Blogging helps establish professional credibility and authority, and helps articulate particular areas of expertise for the market.  You write about what you know about, and bring your own perspectives, style and opinion.  Today’s consumers are actively looking for professionals with expertise and the ability to articulate it.  Blogging also helps potential customers find the right professionals through search, or to find out more about a topic before deciding to engage any professional.  The professional they are likely to choose to work with is the one who they have been taking online guidance from and whose opinions they already respect and subscribe to.


Blogging will get you more business opportunities than your competitors who do not blog.  Doing it consistently – and consistency is incredibly important – produces an even better results as it builds an engaged audience, who will often promote your authority and brand through the sharing of your articles and thoughts.


It is undoubtedly one of the smartest marketing tools for professionals today.  Producing a regular professional blog that provides relevant content for your target audience will:

  1. enhance your brand and market position
  2. contribute to you being recognized as an expert
  3. help you reach potential new customers
  4. assist with your search engine rankings for getting found online
  5. help promote particular products or services
  6. be a valuable part of your client communications strategy
  7. provide fresh content for your website, enhancing its search engine rankings
  8. help you arrange your own thoughts into valuable and concise information packs for customers


The business case is compelling: Advisers really should be providing a professional blog if they wish to be seen as an authority.


But I suppose that is true only if they want better positioning for the right sort of business for their practice, and if and they actually more customers.


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  • Blogging is a MUST for every business who wants to succeed in their online marketing campaign. With all of Google’s updates on its algorithm, content stands to be a business’ strongest online marketing tactic.

    jayden barbour
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