Get enthusiastic if you want clients to engage you
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Get enthusiastic if you want clients to engage you

March 17, 2017

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

carry-yourself-wellWhich one of these 3 is most likely to get the job?


Which one are you when meeting a prospective client for the first time, or at the start of an actual client engagement?


Professional advisers have become dreadfully serious people in recent years with the shift to a focus on process and compliance.  Not surprisingly the work for many has become more of a drag and the whole process of advising people on how to improve their lives has become less fun.  Somewhere along the way far too many have lost sight of the importance of that old fashioned thing called enthusiasm.


This was driven home to me during a session recently where I listened to an excellent speaker deliver tips and pointers for an adviser audience on how to generate better business results.  When he got to the part about “attitude” and “fun” the audience’s pens started scribbling furiously…everyone was taking notes.  He made the point very well that humans connect with humans, and part of establishing those connections is “being yourself” and showing some humour….”lighten up and don’t take yourself so seriously” was the message.  I quite agree with him.


Apart from anything else though it is apparent from an abundance of research that how you carry yourself and how you portray yourself and your message is far more influential than what it is you have to say.  In general terms the research over the years suggests that when we communicate with others the degree of impact is attributed as follows:

  1. 7% of the message impact comes from “content” (what we have to say)
  2. 38% of the message impact comes from “tonality” (how we say it”)
  3. 55% of the message impact comes from “physiology” (how we present ourselves and use our bodies to convey meaning and establish connection through body language)


The shift in recent years with increasing technical expertise, regulation and focus on process has driven more advisers to focus on “content” when communicating with potential clients.  A lot of emphasis is placed upon what it is we have to say.  Many of the better  performing advisers do well from presenting the “content” well together with good “tonality” and client-friendly process.


How many are making it tougher to get clients over the line by neglecting to tap into strong, positive, fun and enthusiastic “physiology” though?  Quite a few it seems judging from what a revelation this was to a large crowd of advisers that I observed.


So here is a simple tip to get more people to choose you to work with: Get enthusiastic and bring some energy into the engagement.


People like hanging around with fun people.  People like dealing with those who are positive and have great energy…people like dealing with people who are enthusiastic.


nothing-great-achieved-without-enthusiasmDon’t let process and technical stuff curb the natural enthusiasm to meet new people and work on new projects…unleash the enthusiasm!  I am sure it will result in more potential clients choosing to want to do business with you.


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