22 Words and Phrases That Sell
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22 Words and Phrases That Sell

November 4, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo


Knowing the secret to the words that sell a reader on engaging with your material is one of the most useful and powerful things you can discover.


Research together with countless advertisements and marketing campaigns over decades have provided those of us doing business today with an abundance of  knowledge – if we choose to use it.  There is no doubt that even in today’s world of increasingly sceptical and cynical consumers there are words that get attention – which is our initial objective.


What we are aiming to achieve with a good well written headline or subject line is to get the attention of the reader to begin with, and create enough interest that they will read on….THEN our marketing message has a chance to be effective.


In this weeks video we have a look at a heap of proven words that are GUARANTEED to get readers attention and interest in your message…..

Watch the video to learn more…


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