You can build Professional Practice service Virtually
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You can build Professional Practice service Virtually

July 5, 2013

GUEST POST By Kevin Gillam

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists

As a financial planner, what extra roles do you assume? Are you a solo act without a secretary or client manager? Or, do you work in an office with other financial planners who have to fend for themselves?

If any of these situations apply to you, you are probably missing important phone calls when you’re at a meeting, chatting with clients or are in the middle of a project. While you may have a voicemail system, a missed call still means risking the loss of a potential new client. One solution that professionals are increasingly turning to is a virtual receptionist, who can give your office an extra personal touch, free up your time, and help you stay connected.

What is a Live Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is an offsite receptionist; her main role is to communicate with your clients. Such a provider is more than an answering service; it’s a service that enhances your professional relationships by engaging with your callers in a positive, friendly, and professional manner.

The services that a virtual receptionist offers vary by contractor and may include:

  • Answering services: A virtual receptionist answers your calls with a personalized greeting both when you’re in and out of the office. The best ones distinguish between different types of calls – like those from potential new clients, current clients, and urgent calls – so they’re handled according to your instructions.
  • Customized call handling: Let your virtual receptionist know about the information that you’d like from callers before getting on the line. For example, first and last name, what the call is regarding, etc.
  • Call transfers: Out of the office? No problem. A receptionist can transfer your calls to any phone you like, such as your cell phone or home phone.
  • Accommodate temporary instructions: A live virtual receptionist can take hand-written messages from callers while you’re in meetings, out to lunch, or engrossed in a project. A good service provider is flexible so you can offer the best customer service to your callers.
  • Message notifications: You’ll receive your message via text and/or email shortly after a call. Some services can even email your voicemail messages to your email inbox.
  • Calls on your behalf to relay information: If you need to relay a message to a client or would like more information, a live virtual receptionist can make the call. She can also confirm appointments so that you can make the most of your time.

virtual office support for financial advisers

The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

When you use the services of a good virtual receptionist, your callers can’t tell that she’s at a remote location, enhancing your business’ professionalism and making it appear bigger. In a business where stellar first impressions are vital, a receptionist can help you put your best foot forward.

Virtual receptionists also offer the following benefits for your financial planning business:

  • Security: A virtual receptionist service is never late, on vacation, out sick or on break so you never have to fear missing an important call again.
  • Improved customer service: Unlike an answering machine or automated answering service, a live receptionist makes your business more personal and caller experiences consistently exceptional, which increases customer trust and enhances your business’ brand.
  • Increase productivity: When you aren’t chained to your desk or a slave to the phone, you’re free to focus on completing tasks for your clients, attend meetings and get more work done.
  • Cost savings: As a financial planner, you know about the expenses that come with hiring an employee. With a virtual receptionist, you only pay for the services requested.

How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help a Financial Planning Firm Succeed

When you partner with a live receptionist service, you enhance your business’ professional image and give customers the personal attention that they crave. Because you’re not weighed down by tedious tasks and the added stress of handling calls when you need to focus on the numbers, a receptionist service can help grow your business to its full capacity while maintaining and increasing client retention.

Consequently, you’ll see your bottom line grow as your clients continue to receive the five-star customer service that they deserve.

Author Bio: This post was contributed by Kevin Gillam, the Director of Marketing at Ruby Receptionists. Ruby is a leading live virtual receptionist service in Portland, Oregon and provides personalized, remote receptionist service for attorneys and small businesses throughout North America.

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