Why have a WHY video, and what should it cover?
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Why have a WHY video, and what should it cover?

July 24, 2019

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

There sure a variety of opinions on how a “WHY” video should be constructed, and what you should cover in it.  For me, most of the stuff you read and hear about how they should be just doesn’t make sense.  That’s probably because I keep thinking about it from the perspective of a potential customer….what do they want to know, and why would they watch it?


Pretty simple questions really.


And when you get right down to it, I believe the answers are pretty simple too. There are only 3 things really that you should be trying to address in a WHY video I feel, and it is actually more helpful to think of it as a WHY ME? video actually.


The bottom line is a potential customer is only going to watch your video if you’ve passed the first couple of hurdles – you’ve caught their attention; established initial (but probably very basic) credibility; and; created enough interest that they are willing to invest another couple of minutes checking you out.


So having got that far in the initial selection process what are the potential customers really looking for?


Put simply: why should they choose you over others?


In this weeks quick video we look at the 3 things your WHY ME? video needs to cover in my view if it is to be truly effective, and why you should have one at all…


…watch the video to learn more… 


[wpvideo ny4Z5IUE]


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