Why do people buy anything?
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Why do people buy anything?

November 27, 2012

by Tony Vidler

I was reminded yesterday during a conversation of the balance between appealing to  human emotions AND basic motivations in all marketing and sales functions.  Effective marketing addresses at least one of the four basic motivators. They are:

1.  a Desire

2. a Problem

3.  a Need

4.  a Frustration

This is really the essence of people’s motivation to go ahead and buy a solution or a product isn’t it?  They are wanting to fix one of these four primary motivators.

It follows that any great marketing will aim at addressing at least one of these needs.    It is a very simple checklist to begin with to assess the strength of any marketing you are thinking about doing.

While it is true that these are the key motivators for a marketing message, does it also hold true that they are how one would have to appeal in the sales sense? That is, after marketing has done its job of gaining the attention of a potential customer, and beginning the process of engagement with them, what does the “sales” function have to appeal to if you are to get people to agree with you and follow your recommendations?  The “needs” that marketing must appeal to are NOT the same as the emotions that sales must address satisfactorily.

To be most effective in the sales process you have to appeal (broadly speaking) to one of three fundamental human emotions:






It is rarely about the logic when it gets down to final decision time….that part was addressed by appealing to one of the main motivators, or NEEDS,  during the marketing phase.

Decision time is about whether the emotional desire has been met.

When you think about it pretty much every decision that a potential client will make about their money, or financial planning needs, will be driven by their desire to avoid loss or pain; their desire to obtain something they don’t currently have which they desire; or; their desire to do their best for someone they love.

There really isn’t much else to it when you get right down to it.

For really effective marketing you should appeal to one of the primary needs.  For really effective selling, appeal to one of the fundamental emotions.  These are the logical and emotional reasons why people buy anything.

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