When you cannot think of a better way to market yourself, try this.
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When you cannot think of a better way to market yourself, try this.

July 23, 2014

by Tony Vidler

When all else fails and you are at a loss to market your particular value as an adviser, the safest marketing path is to sell “convenience”.

We all know, because we all do it, it is simply more convenient to go to the supermarket, than an array of specialty shops.  We will pay a little more if we don’t have to travel as far to get something.  We love buying online from the comfort of our laptops on our laps on the couch….convenience sells.

The typical consumer will work through a simple list of filters when comparing several similar products or services if none of them have a stand out value advantage.  They will first go to price.  They then go to convenience.

It is one of the two top customer choices in trying to work out what to buy, or who to use.

In the absence of a strong value proposition work out how to become more convenient.  Freepost envelopes, toll-free phone numbers, customer parking, product or service combinations that save repeated effort…these are all typical convenience factors that we are used to using in professional services.

Convenience extends however in this confusing information filled world to being the trusted voice that is in regular communication and delivering useful tips and tools.  It can be structuring client meetings to take less time, or having breakfast or evening appointments of course, but it can also extend to having some transactional services for simple solutions.  In the UK consumers have been able to purchase pensions, or transfer pensions, over the phone while waiting at the bus stop for years….and they do it because it is convenient.

When you can’t think of a better way to market your professional services work out how you are more convenient than competitors, and who you are more convenient for.

Then let them know.  If you are the easiest to use, many will use you.

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Comments (1)

  • Car purchases, Nursing Homes and College financial aide….. through my financial advisor?

    Back in 2002 I oversaw many RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) relationships while working at a brokerage firm which custodied assets for the clients of these financial advisors.

    During one of my conversations, the advisor told me he was rushing to the car dealership to negotiate a car purchase for his client. Huhh? He explained hes been doing this for years…..negotiating the best deals for his clients saving them thousands of dollars on a automobile purchases and leases.

    He said he also helped clients with kids preparing for college with the college selection, filling out paperwork and financial aide documents.

    Nursing homes? Yup, this advisors firm also helped those needing long term care assistance (nursing homes and assisted care facilities) by helping with the selection and the kaleidoscope of financial mazes involved.

    A unique “One-Stop-Shop” for his clients’ major financial decisions.

    Thanks as always for sharing your insights Tony!

    Cheers from the U.S.,

    Marty Morua

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