When should you "market" to your existing clients?
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When should you "market" to your existing clients?

May 12, 2014

by Tony Vidler

What do you want most from your marketing:

1.  More customers, or,

2.  More revenue?

Most times when professional service firms think about doing more marketing they usually throw the new effort or resources at trying to convince strangers to give the business a try.  New clients are good of course.  Indeed, they are vital for the long term success of a business.

Before throwing all that effort at trying to convince strangers that you are good though, think about whether your own customers know you are good.

That comment will possibly offend some professionals, however it is worth considering if you have limited marketing resources or budget.

Do your customers actually know you are good at what you do?

There are usually excellent indications as to whether they do or not from their behaviour, or attitude to your business.

If you are good and your customer know it you will undoubtedly be experiencing growth in the practice.  In that case, then the bulk of the marketing resources can be applied to getting more great customers.

If you are bad and your customers know it you will be experiencing relatively high turnover of customers, and instead of throwing more resources at marketing it would pay to throw the resources at providing better service and advice – or getting better at the basics.

However most practices seem to fall into the trap with many of their existing customers of being excellent, but without their customers know what they are excellent at – or even if they are excellent at all.  It is a massive lost opportunity for professional service firms.  The tell-tale sign is when customers have core products or services that you could have provided – or should have provided – but which were sourced elsewhere.

If this is happening then the best use of limited marketing resources is to focus on marketing to your existing clients.

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