What corporates should deliver on social media
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What corporates should deliver on social media

July 11, 2014

by Tony Vidler

In the never-ending search for relevance a lot of institutions struggle to provide content that their target market wants, and remain unsure about which platform to deliver news through.

A piece of research by American Century Investments threw up some interesting information for those those corporates looking to deliver content to professional financial advisers.  It was a relatively small sample group (301 advisers), but nevertheless it showcased some insights:

Social media use and experience among the financial professionals was reasonably good, and where it wasn’t good it was definitely getting better than the previous year:

  • 90% of financial professionals participating in the study reported having a social profile or account.
  • Twitter usage increased significantly, with 34% reporting having an account, compared to only 27% last year.
  • Usage of social media is changing. While reading expert commentary/news (28%) remains the top business use, more are using social media to research people (14%) and share news/content relevant to clients (13%).
  • 69% report that their firm has a formal social media policy or guidelines in place, a significant increase from the 2012 study.
  • LinkedIn groups and advisor communities continued to top the list of social media offerings an asset manager can provide.
  • 61% report using social media weekly, with many accessing via a mobile device or tablet.

The types of information that advisers are looking for from institutions is reasonably consistent, and largely weighted towards receiving topical technical or market specific commentary.


It is worth remembering that this is a snapshot of what advisers want from institutions, which is not necessarily what they want from their overall social media experience.

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