How to use the business you DON’T want to do to get the business you DO want
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How to use the business you DON'T want to do to get the business you DO want

September 20, 2017

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo


We all want to get more business, but we want to get the right sort of business for ourselves or our firm naturally.   Once you have figured out what sort of business it is you do want to get you have (by default) figured out the areas of advice that you do not want to do business in.


Those areas are still very useful for you though.


There are usually plenty of areas that professionals have great knowledge in which is valuable to the market, but they are not core areas of expertise for the professional – they are just things we know a lot about but don’t necessarily provide advice upon personally, or want to provide advice upon. These areas of knowledge provide great opportunity for us to engage with the market and get prospects to do business with us, without being overtly self-promotional.


In this weeks quick video we talk through a typical example that financial adviser can use where a body of knowledge exists, but which is not core expertise. That knowledge can be used to engage with new prospects who DO need your advice in your core areas of expertise…

Watch the video to learn more…



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