Lost Sales Skills? Trial Closing Techniques Are Still Very Useful
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Lost Sales Skills? Trial Closing Techniques Are Still Very Useful

April 1, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

trial closingTrial closing techniques from the world of sales are still very useful for modern professionals wanting to figure out whether their prospective client is getting onboard with the advice or not.


Nobody likes to be “closed” by a sales person, and we sure don’t want prospects to feel like we are trying to corner them, but advisers need to be able to test the clients attitude to the advice and recommendations as we are engaging with them.  None of us – advisers or clients – want to create pressure in the advice process.  None of us want to get to a position where all the work thus far ends up in a climactic question that requires a commitment there and then.


Instead of that, we simply need to be able to test the client’s attitude to the discussion or recommendations, and keep it low key.  It is a continuation of the discussion, not the climax of it.   The sales technique which is helpful for testing how everyone is going is the “trial close”, and in this weeks video we talk about how to use it, and how to construct an effective – but not offensive – trial close.


Watch the video to learn more about trial closing for modern professionals…

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