The Path To Becoming An Authority
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The Path To Becoming An Authority

September 9, 2020

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

being-an-authorityBecoming an authority is the thing that almost certainly guarantees you will continue to get enough business to have a decent livelihood, if not an outstandingly successful career.


It is one of the key principles of influence identified by Cialdini, and for many in professional services it is a career aspiration.  The process of getting there is often not understood though, yet the pathway is remarkably straightforward.  So straightforward in fact that I can’t make it last more than 5 steps.


Executing those 5 steps successfully is not easy though, and there is undoubtedly a lot of areas where a professional can slip up or get their positioning wrong. But the process – or the pathway – is easy to understand.


In this weeks quick tips we run through the 5 key steps that are required in order to become an Authority in your field…and if you become the authority then business will keep finding you…


Watch the video to learn more…

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