The Magnificent 7: who you need if you want corporate clients
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The Magnificent 7: who you need if you want corporate clients

September 5, 2018

by Tony Vidler  CFP logo   CLU logo  ChFC logo

One of more unusual things that has been observed repeatedly over the years is that usually there are 7 people you have to get onboard to get a corporate account as a new client….


Exactly who is in the “Magnificent 7” depends on the size of the firm, and even small firms will often involve 7 key people in the decision-making process as smaller enterprises often rely upon some external professional advisers whereas larger corporates tend to have all 7 inside the business.


If this is generally true then one of the keys to successfully landing a new corporate as a client for your professional services business is to work out who the Magnificent 7 are in the firm you are trying to bring onboard.  If you can’t figure out who all the key decision-makers are and make sure you have them all involved at the right time it probably doesn’t matter how good your proposal is, you’ll struggle to get it accepted.


In this quick video we discuss who the Magnificent 7 might be and the key to getting them onboard…


watch the video to learn more…


[wpvideo IdnZ581n]


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